Background on the Legislative and Regulatory Committee

The Legislative and Regulatory Committee consists of up to 10 voting members appointed by the NCBA Chairman who work with the NCBA’s lobbyists in developing recommendations for positions to be taken with respect to issues pending before state or federal legislative or regulatory bodies. Any officer of a Regular Member with primary responsibilities for government relations is eligible to be appointed as a voting member. As one of the factors used in selecting appointees, the NCBA Chairman considers the size and complexity of the banks and trust companies employing potential candidates, with the objective of maintaining a balance among the interests of small, medium, and large institutions. A majority of voting members constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business. Decisions of the Committee about positions the NCBA may take on legislative matters become effective if approved by a vote of 75% of voting members present at a meeting at which a quorum is present. The NCBA Chairman designates a Chairman of the Legislative and Regulatory Committee. Except where contributions are determined directly by the Board of Directors, the Legislative and Regulatory Committee also serves as the Political Action Committee to determine PAC contributions to candidates for public offices.

Please refer to the Advocacy tab of the NCBA website for more information about legislative positions taken by the NCBA, summaries of relevant bills, and a description of NC Bank PAC.