Government Relations

The business of banking is constantly changing.  As Congress, the General Assembly, banking regulators, and others consider adopting laws and regulations that would affect banking in North Carolina, the NCBA works to ensure that our members are well-informed about the changes under consideration and have a voice in the discussions.  NCBA staff monitor legislative proposals, the legislative calendar, committee meetings and floor activity for relevant issues and, when appropriate, work to introduce needed changes and improve or defeat legislation that would otherwise be harmful to banking operations.  We also comment on the rule-making activities of federal and state agencies.

Success in the government relations arena is dependent upon strong banker involvement.  You can help by getting involved in activities like our annual Washington Bank Caucus and by actively participating when there is a call to action over a legislative or regulatory issue.  Activities such as letter-writing campaigns, meetings with members of Congress and their aides, and discussions with regulators really do make a difference.  Your continued support of these initiatives is vitally important.

Regulatory Feedback Initiative – The regulatory environment is one of the biggest challenges you face today.  Bank regulators have tremendous power, there are very few checks and balances on that power, and the confidential nature of bank exams make it hard to hold anyone accountable.  That’s why we have joined forces with bankers associations across the country to present the Regulatory Feedback Initiative (RFI).

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