Federal Government Relations

The federal government has the power to shape the business of banking in profound ways.  NCBA works closely with our state and national trade association partners to establish a clear, consistent message on issues of importance to our members.  North Carolina has two senators in the United States Senate (elects two senators for staggered 6-year terms and they represent the entire state) and 13 representatives in the United States House of Representatives (each of the 13 districts elects a representative to the House for a two-year term).

The NCBA’s federal government relations activities take a number of forms, including calls and meetings with members of the North Carolina delegation in Congress and with government officials, submitting comment letters, arranging banker fly-ins and our annual Washington Bank Caucus, and coordinating grassroots advocacy initiatives.  Should you have any questions regarding the NCBA’s work in Washington, contact Peter Gwaltney (800-662-7044 or peter@ncbankers.org).

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