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CRA Partners
Sue Shaffer, Vice President of Relationship Management

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Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation

CRA Partners is a compliance program you can feel good about. The Senior Housing Crime Prevention Foundation, a trusted brand for over 15 years, has been providing protection and an enhanced quality of life for vulnerable senior housing residents through a turnkey CRA compliance solution for community focused banks. Now we have a new name and a new look but the same meaningful mission. Funded exclusively by the banking industry, we have 250 bank partners who have purchased collateral on behalf of our programs that have made a cumulative positive community impact of $238 million to low- and moderate-income communities. It is hard to overstate the transformative effect a bank can have on the lives of seniors by removing the fear of theft and neglect from their lives while also earning CRA credit for your bank. Banks Enjoy: • Guaranteed CRA credit on loan, investment and service tests • Flexible funding options include CRA-qualified loans, investments or grants • Detailed LMI documentation for positive CRA exam reviews • Installation of a turnkey program in senior housing facilities, HUD communities and state Veterans homes with no overhead or administrative burden • Providing enhanced quality of life programs for seniors to enjoy • Opportunity for service test credit using tools including Preventing Elder Abuse Toolkit and the Welcome Home Banking website to provide financial education • Positive public relations exposure in the community CRA Partners is your partner every step of the way – from participation through examination! Click here for information about the “Preventing Elder Financial Abuse Video Toolkit” for your bank. For more information email Terry Rooker or call him at 877-232-0859, or visit