Once you have gathered your benchmark data, the next step is to create your organization’s DEI strategy. This is the time to prioritize goals, determine key metrics for success and create a DEI strategy that aligns with your organizational goals. Senior leadership involvement in the creation of this strategy will be crucial for future buy in. Your strategy team should be representative of key positions within the organization. One tool that can be used to discern which goals to prioritize is the SWOT analysis.

The end result of this work will include your DEI Vision, Mission, Strategic Priorities, Key Focus Areas and Communication plan.

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Charles Belo
Belo Consulting Group

  1. Check out the video from Charles Belo to find out how to create a winning strategy!
  2. Use your data to complete a SWOT analysis to find out your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.
  3. Determine the overall organizational goals and determine which DEI priorities match the overall goals
  4. Determine short term and long-term goals based on your analysis.
  5. Determine who will “own” DEI implementation and goal achievement.
  6. Research change management and determine obstacles to your strategy.