The next step in the DEI roadmap is implementation. The main factors for a successful implementation strategy is the bank’s culture, overall strategy and business targets. DEI programs should be tied closely to those factors.

Consider the current resources, like the training department, ongoing communication tools or events that can be leveraged to impact one or more key DEI targets. What targets fit best with the culture? One obstacle to implementation is simply having too many targets and not enough resources to implement. Start small and grow the strategy as momentum is built.

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Naomi Mercer
American Bankers Association

  1. Review The DEI Implementation Video with Naomi Mercer, SVP at the American Banker’s Association
  2. Review your strategy and determine two or three DEI key targets you want to impact
  3. Choose your approach to DEI based on your current cultural strengths.
  4. Consider starting a DEI Council as one of your first steps