Your initial communication strategy should be developed during the strategy development phase and then updated on a regular basis. Involving your communications team as the plan is being built creates buy in and efficiency. Your communications plan should outline your audiences and use current communication resources. It is important to have consistent messaging to your various stakeholders while at the same time tailoring the message to what is important for each stakeholder.

Your finished plan should include communication topics, frequency, due dates and person assigned to complete this task for each of your target audiences.

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Gina Coleman
PNC Bank

  1. Review The DEI Communication Video with Gina Coleman, Chief Diversity Officer for PNC.
  2. Engage your communications department.
  3. Consider how you can use your current communication resources.
  4. Determine your main audiences, both internal and external.
  5. What is the cadence of communication for each audience?
  6. What tools are available for those audiences to use in support of your DEI initiatives?
  7. Create a communications template containing your audience, the key communication topics, frequency, due dates and assigned responsibilities.
  8. Review the references below to help guide your communication strategy.