DEI Journey Step 6: Evaluation, Monitoring and Governance

Step 1: The Business Case | Step 2: The DEI Cultural Assessment | Step 3: DEI Strategy Development | Step 4: DEI Implementation Strategy | Step 5: DEI Communication | Step 6: Evaluation, Monitoring & Governance

Evaluation, monitoring and governance ensure that the work we are doing is having the desired impact. Without these key areas of accountability our strategy could be falling short. Creating consistent systems that check our progress should be a part of the initial strategy. On-going monitoring, measuring and reporting allows for reporting of progress and adds visibility and momentum to the DEI efforts.

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Renee Spero
Bank of America

  1. Review the Evaluation, Monitoring and Governance video with Renee Spero.
  2. Determine which data points you want to monitor and how success will be evaluated for each metric.
  3. Determine the appropriate cadence for monitoring each metric and where the information is gathered.
  4. Look for trends and adjust when necessary.
  5. Identify business leaders that are responsible for driving the DEI activities.
  6. Consider talent management measurement strategies.
  7. Create a simple scorecard to consistently communicate to key stakeholders to ensure transparency.