Sam Macrina has created a company called Manufacturing Economic Development Financing Associates, or simply MEDFAS, to work with bankers, manufacturers, and economic development organizations to successfully find a way to create business expansions. In Macrina’s own words:

“Often the difference between a conventional commercial bank loan and a tax‐exempt bank loan can make or break a business expansion project. On the national
level, there is approximately $87 billion available in this program. The problem is almost no one knows how to navigate the application process to secure the financing. That is why I track companies that are expanding and contact the various state economic development agencies and state banking associations to tie all the pieces

MEDFAS is a group of Tax‐Exempt Financing experts who are focused on educating and assisting companies that are interested in borrowing on a tax‐exempt basis to fund expansion projects.

MEDFAS provides a turnkey operation for manufacturers around the United States, who may find the process complicated and time consuming. We facilitate every step needed to obtain this low‐cost capital, including helping companies understand the Federal, State, and Local requirements involved in the funding process.

MEDFAS knows that every penny saved impacts your bottom line, your community, and the people you employ. We aim to strengthen local communities and promote economic development by making the rising availability of tax‐exempt funds more accessible, so you can invest the money saved back into your company.

Primary Contact

Sam Macrina, President