We are committed to community banks.

S&P Global Market Intelligence understands the challenges of today’s banking industry requires faster, smarter decisions, so we’re always thinking of ways to keep you more informed, developing tools to save you time – time which you can better invest into growing your business. Use our innovative solutions to access sector-specific, comprehensive, and reliable intelligence anywhere, anytime, via desktop, web, mobile, or datafeed.

We offer a broad range of workflow solutions for banks, including:

  • Commercial Lending – Grow your business with qualified leads, pricing insight, and credit solutions developed for the commercial lender.
  • Credit Risk – Add valuable perspective to your risk management efforts, with data and tools to help you quickly build risk models.
  • Corporate Development & Strategy – Whether you’re looking to expand or consolidate, our insightful market data equips you to identify opportunities, set goals, and plan campaigns to achieve the results you need.
  • Finance – Quickly compare yourself against your bank and credit union peers, monitor & measure drivers of performance in real time, and prepare insightful reports for regulators and boards.
  • Retail Banking – Set smart goals to maximize performance potential, and price your products with timely market data.

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Ryan Chakalos
Sales Overlay, FI Corps,
Sales Core – Financial Institutions