It’s more important than ever that your retail checking lineup and products optimally perform in terms of financial performance and user experience. Winning the battle requires your financial institution’s checking line-up to be weaponized.

StrategyCorps provides retail checking solutions to hundreds of banks across North Carolina and the U.S. Through the development of proprietary, industry-leading research, StrategyCorps has gained invaluable insight into what consumers desire in checking products and how to create modern solutions that allow financial institutions to increase customer engagement and satisfaction and boost their bottom line.

Each bank receives a customized, prescriptive, actionable analysis of what’s working and not working financially in their current checking portfolio, as well as what’s missing from their existing products to better engage, acquire and retain customers.

StrategyCorps gives financial institutions the power to be more present in the lives of modern consumers with their premier products, BaZing® and CheckingScore®.

The BaZing rewards checking mobile app (which was named Best Digital Banking Solution in the BankNews Innovative Solutions Awards) brings the subscription buying model, the fastest growing and most popular way consumers are buying products, to your retail checking line-up.

Meanwhile, CheckingScore — powered by a database that tracks the performance of more than seven million checking accounts represented by 600 million data points — has helped FIs optimize retail checking performance and generate an average of $500,000 of new revenue per billion of assets.

Primary Contact

Paul Wholley, Regional Director