Stand Out from the Rest with a No-Cost Benefit

Home Rewards Concierge is a value-add program you can offer your current and prospective clients, providing a more rewarding experience when buying and/or selling a home.

How It Works

We connect participants with a real estate agent from our national network of fully vetted and managed real estate brokers. You can increase your conversation rates by offering a next-level service with two key benefits:

  • Dedicated Support. An experienced professional in the local market guides buyers and sellers through every step of the process, helping ensure a positive and seamless moving experience.
  • Extra Cash. All participants in the Home Rewards Concierge program receive a cash-back reward following the closing on the purchase and/or sale of a home.

Program Highlights

99% $2,019 ZERO
Customer Satisfaction Average Cash-Back


Cost to Offer or Participate


Ask us how Home Rewards Concierge can be a market differentiator to help you convert more leads and enhance client loyalty. Click here to learn more!

If you have any questions or would like to chat with Kelly about our service, please click on her Zoom meeting link anytime during the conference.


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