Promontory MortgagePath LLC combines a collaborative digital-mortgage platform with comprehensive fulfillment services, giving banks the technology and scalability required to compete in today’s market.

With PMP’s solutions, banks can efficiently scale their mortgage operations whatever their current model. From models designed to introduce mortgage technology and boost processing and underwriting power, to complete solutions including licensed loan coordinators, lenders benefit from a full range of mortgage products and a scalable business model without the overhead or risk. These solutions include:

  • A proprietary point-of-sale (POS) lending platform, Borrower Wallet®, which offers an intuitive, collaborative and consistent borrower experience across any device
  • Digital mortgage technology stack
  • Loan set-up
  • Electronic signing
  • Lock Desk Processing
  • Underwriting
  • Compliance
  • Closing
  • Post-closing
  • Investor
  • Delivery
  • Servicing transfer functions

With PMP’s Platform solution, banks field their own loan officers to co-pilot the application process and collaborate with their borrowers via PMP’s POS platform. PMP then processes and underwrites each loan using client-provided business rules and closes in the bank’s name. With its Transform solution, banks handle all prospecting and lead generation activities, including advertising and marketing their mortgage offerings. As customers express interest, the bank passes customers to PMP’s licensed loan coordinators, who take applications using PMP’s POS platform and provide on-going origination assistance as the customers dedicated point of contact throughout the loan journey. PMP continues to manage the origination process, processing and underwriting each loan using client-provided business rules, and closes in the bank’s name. White-label branding allows banks to offer their customers a consistent experience across any device, and PMP’s seasoned operations professionals function as extensions of the bank’s team. Banks get the benefit of customized, cutting-edge technology and full-time fulfillment staff without the overhead and fixed costs.