2004 Issues of Regulatory Review

RR 2004 – 01:Bank Enterprise Awards; Customer Identification Program – Frequently Asked Questions; Home Mortgage Disclosure – Small Institutions Exemption; Electronic Filing of Branch Applications; Uniform Disclosure Standards – FRB Regulations B, E, M, Z, and DD

RR 2004 – 02:Summary of Regulation B Amendments; Spousal Signatures – Regulation B Guidance

RR 2004 – 03:Federal Preemption – Activities of National Banks; Alternative Forms of Privacy Notices

RR 2004 – 04:Check 21 – Amendments to Regulation CC

RR 2004 – 05:Living Trust Accounts – Deposit Insurance; Revisions of Community Reinvestment Regulations

RR 2004 – 06:Regulation Z – Interpretive Rule; New Currency Transaction Report; RESPA Rule Withdrawn; OCC Annual Report on Operating Subsidiaries

RR 2004 – 07:Fair Credit Reporting – Model Form; Home Mortgage Disclosure – Public Disclosure of Mortgage Lending Data

RR 2004 – 08:Stored Value Cards – Definition of “Deposit”; Securities Disclosure Requirements – Nonmember Insured Banks

RR 2004 – 09: Disposal of Consumer Report Information; Suspicious Activity Reports – Safe Harbor

RR 2004 – 10:Regulations B, E, M, Z, and DD Proposed Rules Withdrawn; Computer Virus Protection; Fair Credit Reporting Act – Model Notices – Regulation V

RR 2004 – 11:Application of Check 21 to FedWire; Disposal of Consumer Information; Debit Card Fees – Study and Request for Information

RR 2004 – 12:Accepting Accounts from Foreign Governments, Foreign Embassies, and Foreign Political Figures; Certified Statements – Deposit Insurance Assessments; Proposed CRA Small Institution Rule Withdrawn; Overdraft Protection Plans – Regulation DD Amendments

RR 2004 – 13:Interagency Guidance on Overdraft Protection

RR 2004 – 14:Check 21 – Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks

RR 2004 – 15:OTS Community Reinvestment “Small Savings Association” Threshold Increased; FDIC Community Reinvestment “Small Bank” Threshold

RR 2004 – 16:FDIC Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (EDIE) – Updated Version; FFIEC Information Technology Examination Handbook; FDIC CRA Asset Threshold Proposal Comment Period Extended; Amendments to Regulation E – Electronic Fund Transfers

RR 2004 – 17:Check 21 – Amendments to Regulation J; Check 21 and Check Payments Guides

RR 2004 – 18:Health Savings Accounts – Maximum Contribution Levels; Identity Theft and Identity Theft Report – Federal Trade Commission Rules

RR 2004 – 19:Annual Report on Operating Subsidiaries – OCC; Deposit Insurance Coverage – FDIC Video; Regulation Z – FRB Review of Open-End Credit Rules

RR 2004 – 20:Suspicious Activity Reporting Requirements – FinCEN; Home Mortgage Disclosure Act – Asset-Size Exemption Threshold – FRB Regulation C; Annual Report on Indebtedness of Executive Officers and Principal Shareholders to Correspondent Banks – FFIEC; CRA Community Development and Assigned Ratings – OTS