2005 Issues of Regulatory Review

RR 2005 – 01: Disposal of Consumer Information; HMDA Guidance – FFIEC Memorandum

RR 2005 – 02: Deposit Insurance Guide; Comments Sought By Agencies: Money Laundering, Safety and Soundness, and Securities Rules; Automated Teller Machines – Department of Justice Rules – Comment Period Extended

RR 2005 – 03: Joint Guidance on Overdraft Protection Programs – FDIC, OCC and FRB; Guidance on Overdraft Protection Programs – OTS

RR 2005 – 04: Residential Mortgage Lending Standards (Predatory Lending) – OCC; Confidentiality of Supervisory Ratings

RR 2005 – 05: Money Services Businesses – Joint Statement of Federal Banking Agencies; Community Reinvestment Act Regulations (Regulation BB) – Conforming and Technical Changes; Community Reinvestment Act Regulations (OTS) – Assignment of Ratings

RR 2005 – 06: Appraisal Regulations FAQs; HMDA Data – Frequently Asked Questions

RR 2005 – 07: Interagency Guidance on Response Programs for Unauthorized Access to Customer Information and Customer Notice; Preemption of Certain State Laws – FDIC Public Hearing; FDIC Publications

RR 2005 – 08: Alternative Dispute Resolution Provisions in External Audit Engagement Letters – Proposed Advisory; BankSecrecyActSafeHarbor – FinCEN Opinion Letter

RR 2005 – 09: Overdraft Protection – Amendments to Regulation DD; Pre-Employment Background Screening Guidance

RR 2005 – 10: Fair Credit Reporting – Medical Information

RR 2005 – 11: Tuition Savings Accounts – Deposit Insurance Coverage; Home Equity Lending – Credit Risk Management Guidance; BSA/AML Examination Manual Released; Central Data Repository Enrollment Schedule

RR 2005 -12: Host State Loan-to-Deposit Ratios; Protecting Against “Pharming” Attacks; Guidance on Mitigating Risks from Spyware; Voice Over Internet Protocol Guidance; BSA/AML Examination InfoBase; Changes to FDIC Consumer Complaint and Inquiry Records

RR 2005 – 13: Writing Checks – Consumer Advisory; Regulation Z – Annual HOEPA Adjustment; FDIC Securities Regulations; Electronic Filing and Disclosure of Beneficial Ownership Reports; Community Reinvestment Act Regulations; Examination Treatment of the Tobacco Transition Payment Program; Home Mortgage Disclosure Handbook; Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Study Results; Amendment to Appendix A of Regulation CC

RR 2005 – 14: Annual Independent Audits and Reporting Requirements – FDIC; Extensions of Credit by Federal Reserve Banks; Findings from Analysis of Nationwide 2004 CRA Data; Permissible Activities – National Banks; Affiliate Business Arrangements – OCC Bulletin

RR 2005 – 15: Electronic Fund Transfers – Regulation E – Official Staff Commentary; Post-Employment Restrictions for Senior Examiners; Regulatory Burden Reduction – OTS; List of Distressed or Underserved Areas for CRA Purposes

RR 2005 -16: Amendments to CRA Regulations; Regulatory Burden – Request for Comments; Redeeming Damaged Currency; HMDA Data Release; Extension of Credit by Federal Reserve Banks

RR 2005 -17: Annual Indexing – Federal Reserve Board Regulation D; Bank Holding Company Revisions – FRB Regulation Y; Stored Value Cards – Deposit Insurance Coverage; Authentication in an Internet Banking Environment; Guidance on Hurricane Response Efforts

RR 2005 – 18: Regulation Z Review and Request for Comments; Accounts for Which a Bank May Act as Trustee or Custodian; Revised Statement of Policy Regarding the National Historic Preservation Act; Notification of Changes of Insured Status

RR 2005 – 19: Federal Preemption – State-Chartered Banks; FinCEN Publishes SAR Activity Review; Corporate Codes of Conduct; Extension of Credit by Federal Reserve Banks; Relationship Manager Program; Amendment to Appendix A of Regulation CC

RR 2005 – 20: Deposit Insurance Coverage – Qualified Tuition Savings Accounts; Office of the Comptroller of the Currency – Assessment of Fees; Federal Reserve 2006 Fee Schedules

RR 2005 – 21: FDIC Independent Audits and Reporting Requirements; Senior Examiners – Post-Employment Restrictions; Proposed Guidance on the Community Reinvestment Act

RR 2005 – 22: Capital Guidelines; Extensions of Credit by Federal Reserve Banks; Home Mortgage Disclosure – Small Institution Exemption; Amendment to Appendix A of Regulation CC