2006 Issues of Regulatory Review

RR 2006 – 01: Remotely Created Checks – Regulation CC; Amendment to Appendix A of Regulation CC; Interim Guidance Concerning the Terrorism Risk Insurance Extension Act of 2005; Guidance on Nontraditional Mortgage Products; Sharing Suspicious Activity Reports

RR 2006 – 02: Fair Credit Reporting – Medical Information; Regulatory Burden – Request for Comments

RR 2006 – 03: Information Security Guidelines; Large Bank Deposit Insurance Determination Proposal; Extensions of Credit by Federal Reserve Banks; Limitations of Liability Provisions in External Audit Engagement Letters

RR 2006 – 04: Commercial Real Estate Lending; Nontraditional Mortgage Products – Comment Period Extended; Certification of Assumptions of Deposits; Deposit Insurance Application for Wal-Mart Bank; Hurricane Katrina Examiner Guidance

RR 2006 – 05: FDIC Increases Deposit Insurance Coverage; Capital Treatment – Securities Borrowing Transactions; CRA Interagency Questions and Answers; Concentrations in Commercial Real Estate Lending – Comment Period Extended; Address Changes – FRB Regulation B and Regulation AA

RR 2006 – 06: Criteria for Small Bank Holding Company Policy Statement and Exemption from Capital Adequacy Guidelines; International Banking Operations; Information Furnished to Consumer Reporting Agencies – FACT Act Section 312; Integrity of Directors – Federal Savings Association Bylaws; Deposit Insurance Regulations – Inflation Index and Retirement Accounts; Suspicious Activity Reports; Extensions of Credit by Federal Reserve Banks

RR 2006 – 07: CRA Definition of “Community Development”; Merger of BIF and SAIF; Due Diligence Procedures for Foreign Accounts; Federal Reserve Currency Recirculation Policy; Semiannual Regulatory Agendas

RR 2006 – 08: BIF/SAIF Merger Revisions; Terrorism Risk Insurance Program; CRA Guidance – OTS; Access to Banking Services by Money Services Businesses; Revised Interagency Statement on Complex Structured Finance Activities; Public Hearings on HOEPA

RR 2006 – 09: Electronic Fund Transfers – Payroll Card Accounts; Threshold for Reporting Information on Funds Transfers and Transmittals of Funds

RR 2006 – 10: FDIC One-Time Assessment Credit; Subordinated Debt Securities and Mandatory Redeemable Preferred Stock; Updated Standard Flood Insurance Form; Effect of the FDIRA on Consolidated Reports of Condition and Income; Guidance on the Use of Foreign-Based Third-Party Service Providers

RR 2006 – 11: Official FDIC Sign and Advertising FDIC Membership; Penalty for Failure to Timely Pay FDIC Assessments; Stock Benefit Plans in Mutual-to-Stock Conversions and Mutual Holding Company Structures; Updated Appraisal Standards

RR 2006 – 12: OCC Assessment of Fees; FDIC Designated Reserve Ratio; National Historic Preservation Act – FDIC Statement of Policy; FDIC Moratorium on Industrial Loan Company Applications and Notices

RR 2006 – 13: Identity Theft Red Flags and Address Discrepancies – FACT Act

RR 2006 – 14: Regulation Z – Annual HOEPA Adjustment; Terrorism Risk Insurance Program; Industrial Loan Companies; Gift Card Disclosures; Frequently Asked Questions – FFIEC Authentication Guidance; Revised FFIEC BSA-AML Examination Manual; OTS Guidance Regarding the Revised BSA/AML Examination Manual

RR 2006 – 15: Changes to FDIC Rule for Deposit Insurance Coverage; Electronic Fund Transfers – Regulation E Amendments; OCC Examiner Guidance on Consumer Protection Regulations; Safeguarding Examination Information

RR 2006 – 16: Risk-Based Capital Standards: Advanced Capital Adequacy Framework; Risk-Based Capital Standards Market Risk; Suspicious Activity Reporting Requirements for Mutual Funds; Deposit Insurance Assessments: Initial Regulatory Flexibility Act Analysis

RR 2006 – 17: FDIC Assessment Credit; Guidance on Nontraditional Mortgage Products; Annual Indexing Adjustments to Reserve Requirements; Proposed Illustrations of Consumer Information for Nontraditional Mortgage Products

RR 2006 – 18: FDIC Assessment Dividends; Failure to Timely Pay FDIC Assessments; Guidelines for an Environmental Risk Assessment

RR 2006 – 19: Designated Reserve Ratio; Advertisement of FDIC Membership; Electronic Fund Transfers – Regulation E Amendments; Proposed Revisions to Regulatory Reports

RR 2006– 20: Electronic Fund Transfers – Payroll Card Accounts; Deposit Insurance Assessments; Community Reinvestment Act – Interagency Uniformity, Supplemental Standards of Ethical Conduct for FDIC Employees

RR 2006 – 21: Concentrations in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Lending – FDIC, FRB, and OCC; Concentrations in CRE Lending – OTS Version; Loans to Executive Officers, Directors, and Principal Shareholders; Elimination of Annual Report on Indebtedness of Executive Officers and Principal Shareholders to Correspondent Banks