2009 Issues of Regulatory Review

RR 2009-01: CRA Asset-Size Thresholds; Regulation C Asset-Size Threshold; Risk-Based Assessment Rates – First Quarter 2009; Amendments to RESPA Regulations; Earnings on Required Reserve Balances and Excess Balances

RR 2009-02: Truth-in-Lending – Good Faith Estimates and Disclosures; RESPA – Deferred Applicability Date for “Required Use” Definition

RR 2009-03: Processing of Deposit Accounts in the Event of Institution Failure; Transfer and Reorganization of Bank Secrecy Act Regulations; Executive Compensation Restrictions; Posting Time for ACH Debit Transfers

RR2009-04: Tier 1 Capital Deduction for Goodwill, Check Processing – Charlotte and Baltimore Branches, FDIC Assessments, FDIC Emergency Special Assessment, Interest Rate Restrictions, Community Reinvestment Act – Interagency Questions and Answers

RR2009-05: Home Mortgage Disclosure – Threshold for Reporting Price Information on Higher-Priced Loans; Prohibited Service at Savings and Loan Holding Companies; Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility; Community Development Investment Authority of National Banks; Capital Adequacy Guidelines – Delay of Implementation Date; Amendment of the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program

RR2009-06: Amendments to Regulation Z

RR2009-07: Balance Disclosures and Disclosure of Aggregate Overdraft Fees on Periodic Statements; Sharing Suspicious Activity Reports

RR2009-08: Qualifications for Failed Bank Acquisitions, Identity Theft Red Flag Rules, Consumer Credit Extended to Service Members and Dependents, Treatment of Perpetual Preferred Stock for Tier 1 Capital Purposes, Amendment to the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program, Amendments to Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions

RR2009-09: Annual Independent Audits and Reporting Requirements, Amendments to Regulation D

RR2009-10: Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program, Regulation Z – Annual HOEPA Adjustment, Private Education Loans – Regulation Z, Prohibited Service – Extension of Temporary Exemption

RR2009-11: Capital Adequacy Frameworks, TLGP Debt Guarantee Program, Interest on Deposit, Deposit Insurance Regulations

RR2009-12: Reimbursement of Costs for Assembling or Providing Financial Records, Prohibited Service at Savings and Loan Holding Companies, Correspondent Concentration Risks, Proposed Changes to Call Reports

RR2009-13: Extensions of Credit by Federal Reserve Banks, Interest Rate Restrictions – Institutions Not Well Capitalized, Annual Indexing Adjustments to Reserve Requirements

RR2009-14: Regulation Z and Changes to Check Processing by Federal Reserve Banks

RR2009-15: Unlawful Internet Gambling Rules – Compliance Date Extended, Risk Weighting Certain Mortgage Loans