Issues of Regulatory Review for 2015

RR2015-01:  Removal of Transferred OTS Regulations Regarding Rules of Practice and Procedure and Amendments to FDIC Rules and Regulations, Transferred OTS Regulations Regarding Possession by Conservators and Receivers for Federal and State Savings Associations, Regulation Q; Regulatory Capital Rules:  Interim Final Rule to Exempt Small Savings and Loan Holding Companies from the Regulatory Capital Rules, Amendments to the 2013 Integrated Mortgage Disclosures Rules Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act and the Truth-in-Lending Act and the 2013 Loan Origination Rules Under the Truth-in-Lending Act, Submission of Credit Card Agreements Under the Truth-in-Lending Act (Regulation Z), Homeownership Counseling Organizations Lists and High-Cost Mortgage Counseling Interpretive Rule, Restriction on Sale of Assets of a Failed Institution by the FDIC, Transferred OTS Regulations and Regulations Regarding Disclosure and Reporting of CRA-Related Agreements, Regulation D:  Reserve Requirements for Depository Institutions, Transferred Regulations Regarding Safety and Soundness Guidelines and Compliance Procedures and Amendments, Transferred OTS Regulations Regarding Fair Credit Reporting and Amendments; Amendment to the “Creditor” Definition in Identity Theft Red Flags Rule; Removal of FDIC Regulations Regarding Fair Credit Reporting Transferred to the CFPC, Small Bank Holding Company Policy Statement; Capital Adequacy of Board-Related Institutions; Bank Holding Companies; Savings and Loan Holding Companies; Changes To Reporting Requirements, Amendments Relating to Small Creditors and Rural or Underserved Areas Under the Truth-in-Lending Act (Regulation Z), Disclosure of Consumer Complaint Narrative Data, Proposed Collection of Information Regarding “Bridges to Financial Security:  A Multi-Site Demonstration Project, Proposed Revision of Information Collection:  National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households, Proposed Renewal of Information Collection:  Capital Distribution, Request for Information Regarding an Initiative on Safe Student Banking, Proposed Agency Information Collection Activities, Proposed Revision and Renewal of the Call Report, Announcement of Board Approval of Information Collection Activities, Proposed Agency Information Collection Activities:  Interest Rate Risk Vendor Questionnaire, Proposed Information Collection Renewal:  “Bank Activities and Operations”, Correction:  Prepaid Accounts Under Regulation E and Regulation Z, Proposed Information Collection Renewal, Proposed Information Collection Renewal:  Resolution Plans Required for Insured Depository Institutions With $50 Billion or More in Total Assets, Board Approval of Information Collection Activities, Compliance Bulletin—Treatment of Confidential Supervisory Information, Proposed Information Collection Activities, Proposed Information Collection Renewal:  Registration of Mortgage Loan Originators, Request for Information Regarding Credit Card Market, Request for Information Regarding the Consumer Compliant Database, Regulatory Publication and Review

2015-02:  Integration of National Bank and Federal Savings Association Regulations:  Licensing Rules, Liquidity Coverage Ratio:  Treatment of U.S. Municipal Securities as High-Quality Liquid Assets, Partial Extension of Comment Deadline on CARD Act Request for Information – CFPB, Request for Information Regarding Student Loan Servicing – CFPB, Enhancements to Federal Reserve Bank Same-Day ACH Services, Request for Comments

2015-03:  Minimum Requirements for Appraisal Management Companies , Self-Regulatory Organizations; Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.; Notice of Filing and Immediate Effectiveness of a Proposed Rule Change to Extend the Implementation of FINRA Rule 4240 (Margin Requirements for Credit Default Swaps), Regulatory Publication and Review Under the Economic Growth and Regulatory Paperwork Reduction Act of 1996 – OCC, Federal Reserve System, FDIC, New Privacy Act System of Records, Final Interagency Policy Statement Establishing Joint Standards for Assessing the Diversity Policies and Practices of Entities Regulated by the Agencies, Integration of National Bank and Federal Savings Association Regulations:  Licensing Rules