NCBA Robbery Reward Program

Since 1977, one service that the North Carolina Bankers Association has provided to our members is a reward for information leading to the arrest and indictment of anyone who robs a North Carolina branch of a member bank or savings institution. When a robbery occurs, the Association should be notified as soon as possible so that information about the program can be sent out before media coverage begins. Once the Association has been notified that a robbery has occurred, someone from the Association will notify all local media outlets that a robbery has occurred and that a reward is being offered. We provide the address of the branch affected, the time the robbery occurred, the phone number for our tip hotline (1-800-209-2293), and the website,, that may also be used to send in tips.

If a suspect is arrested and indicted as a result of information provided through our reward program, the next step in the reward process begins. Rewards are considered and determined by the Association’s Security Committee. Whether a reward is granted and the amount of each reward is in the sole discretion of the Committee. Rewards are considered solely upon the written recommendation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Recommendations for rewards are considered by the Security Committee on an ad hoc basis, generally quarterly or semiannually depending upon the frequency of recommendations. Members of the committee receive copies of the recommendations, a point system for assessing rewards and a summary evaluation of each robbery. After reviewing all information, the members notify the Association of the appropriate reward. Once a reward is approved it is paid from the Association’s general fund. Reward checks are sent to the recommending FBI agent for delivery to the reward recipient.

In the event your institution is robbed, please call the Association as soon as possible to make sure the Robbery Reward is included in any media coverage dealing with the robbery. If you have any questions about the Robbery Reward Program, please call the NCBA at 1-800-662-7044.