The culture of an organization is based on the attitudes, beliefs and behavioral norms that are in place within the organization. A cultural assessment is the process of measuring the difference between what the organization sees as the ideal culture and comparing that to the reality of the culture. By reviewing the organization’s current values, expectations and philosophy and comparing that to the reality of the behaviors of that organization and it’s real culture an organization can find the gaps keeping them from their ideal version of the organization.

When it comes to DEI, there are specific data points that help an organization benchmark where they are in their DEI journey. Understanding the baseline of data points can help measure growth in DEI strategy implementation!

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Dr. Joynicole Martinez
Alchemist Agency

  1. Review The DEI Cultural Assessment video with Dr. Joynicole Martinez.
  2. Create a diverse DEI Cultural Assessment Team.
  3. Review the video in our reference list to become familiar with the process of designing a cultural assessment.
  4. Determine a data gathering strategy to include data that is readily accessible through your HRIS system and focus groups or surveys.
  5. Check out the sample Sample DEI Data Points Tool.
  6. Review the references to determine the key questions for your assessment.
  7. Implement your assessment and remember to stay impartial and begin with CURIOSITY.