Are you looking to pick up some brand new banking knowledge or skills? Take a look at these upcoming webinar offerings from our partners! Check out some of the outstanding programs available this year:

ABA Digital Training

Find the perfect ABA program to advance your career! ABA Training is a comprehensive source for professional development and education offered through the American Bankers Association (previously through the American Institute of Banking). All AIB courses, certificates, diplomas and more are now part of ABA Training and are brought to you through your Local ABA Training Provider, the NCBA.

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FinPro 2021 Global Webinar Package

FinPro, Inc. is a full service management consulting and capital markets firm specializing in providing advisory services to the financial institutions industry. They are the advisory firm in the country that can assist a bank from initial formation through ultimate sale. Their services include:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Asset Liability Management
    • Stress Testing
    • Partnership Package Bundle
    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Board Education & Training
    • Corporate Governance
    • Management System
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • De Novo Banking Formation
  • Balance Sheet Management
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Market Feasibility
  • Investment Portfolio Review
  • Conferences & Webinars
  • Expert Testimony
  • Regulatory Consultations
  • Capital Raises

FinPro regularly meets with respected policymakers to discuss industry issues and speak at over 30 events a year. They teach Strategic Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, ALM and Enterprise Risk Management at top Graduate Banking Schools. FinPro wants to share this knowledge and experience with North Carolina’s bankers through the 2021 Global Webinar Package!

FinPro’s 2021 Global Webinar Package is great for Directors and Senior Management as it provides timely and efficient training on key concepts that may make the difference between success and regulatory problems. The Global Webinar Package is structured with one flat fee per year that allows unlimited director and employee participation. To register for FinPro’s 2021 Global Webinar Package, please click here.

OnCourse Learning Webinars

Total Training Solutions (TTS), a leading provider of bank and credit union regulatory compliance webinars, was acquired by OnCourse Learning in May of 2018.

OnCourse Learning is a member of Adtalem Global Education (NYSE:ATGE), a global education provider headquartered in the United States. It empowers financial institutions to prepare their frontlines, compliance teams, executive leadership and board of directors with comprehensive enterprise compliance, risk management and professional development education that is effective and engaging. Over 10,000 clients and partners have adopted OnCourse Learning solutions to efficiently manage complexity, change and growth. Plus, over the course of our 40+ year history we have trained over 190,000 individuals with our NMLS-approved licensure and continuing education courses.

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ProBank Austin

ProBank Austin provides a comprehensive list of one-, two-, and three-day bank compliance seminars throughout the United States. Courses cover the relevant yet complex financial topics that are essential for doing business today. Led by industry experts, these seminars address current bank regulations, operational procedures, marketplace trends, and the latest technologies.

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