The Fulcrum group started business in 1999 as a result of requests by bankers who had come to know the abilities of Rick Beasley and Ted Amon. Both had worked with a major check printer for 20 years and performed duties at local, regional and national levels of the company. Bankers were experiencing significant turmoil with their check programs and were searching for subject matter expertise that could sit on their side of the table to make sense of all the options available to them.

Fulcrum has been in the business of reviewing, re-negotiating and bidding check-printing relationships for the past 19 years. This has been the main course of activity since leaving the check printing industry. Fulcrum has a client base of some 70 plus institutions and now only accept new clients as a result of referrals from trusted associates. If a financial institution wants to do the right things the right way and take time to stay strategic with the review process, Fulcrum is a good fit for them. Anyone can simply “pencil whip” a supplier and that, as a strategy, is long term disaster for the financial institution. Fulcrum, on the other hand, will leave your relationship with your supplier in an improved state after our process is complete, and stay involved throughout the term of the new agreement.

Check printing has become a very complex arrangement between supplier and financial institution. This is only going to become more complex due to the mergers within the check printing industry. It has never been more important to get the right printing partner that encompasses the proper account management, contract language, performance standards and financials. There is significant opportunity for financial institutions to flourish by capitalizing on Fulcrum’s experience and track record of success.

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