1998 Issues of Regulatory Review

RR 1998 – 1: IRS Issues Education Individual Retirement Account Forms

RR 1998 – 2: OCC Revises Assessment Schedule; “Self-Testing” Privilege Adopted By the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Federal Reserve Board; Internet Security Risks – FDIC Paper; Interagency Policy Statement on Internal Audits

RR 1998 – 3: Home Mortgage Disclosure Act – FRB Regulation C Staff Commentary; Disclosures for Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Loans, Adjustment Notices, and Interest-Rate Caps Office of Thrift Supervision; Capital Distributions Regulation Amended – Office of Thrift Supervision; Bank Municipal Securities Dealers – Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

RR 1998 – 04: Prohibition Against Payment of Interest on Demand Deposits – FDIC; Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act – Amendment to HUD Regulation X; Legal Advice for Financial Institution Directors – FDIC; Revisions to Reports on Conditions and Income (Call Reports) for 1998 – FFIEC

RR 1998 – 05: Uniform Interagency Trust Rating System (UITRS) – FFIEC; Home Mortgage Disclosure – Federal Reserve Board Regulation C; Equal Credit Opportunity – Federal Reserve Board Regulation B

RR 1998 – 06: Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions – Lagged Reserve Maintenance – FRB Regulation D; Expanded Examination Cycle for Certain Small Insured Institutions; Equal Credit Opportunity Act – FRB Regulation B; Lending Limits – Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

RR 1998 – 07: Regulation Z Commentary Revised by Federal Reserve Board; Suspicious Activity Reports – “Safe Harbor” Interagency Advisory; Year 2000 Guidance on Testing – FFIEC

RR 1998 – 08: Simplification of Deposit Insurance Rules – FDIC; Guidance on the Use of Trade Names – FDIC, FRB, OCC and OTS

RR 1998 – 09: Economists to Join OCC Examination Teams – To Focus on Fair Lending; FDIC Summary of Deposits Survey; FDIC Publications (Sales of Nondeposit Investments and Deposit Insurance Booklets); 1998 Edition of A Guide to HMDA Reporting – Getting It Right!

RR 1998 – 10: FDIC Deposit Insurance Assessment Rates; FDIC “Suspicious Internet Banking” Site; Deposit Insurance Coverage; FDIC General Counsel Opinions on Interest Charges

RR 1998 – 11: Uniform Rating System for Information Technology – FFIEC; Confidentiality of Year 2000 Assessment Rating; Customer Brochure on Year 2000 Date Change; OTS Guidance on “Special Purpose Credit Programs”

RR 1998 – 12: Disclosures for Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans – OTS; Uniform Retail Credit Classification Policy – FFIEC

RR 1998 – 13: Transactions with Affiliates; Reverse Repurchase Agreements – OTS; Homeowners Protection Act of 1998 (Senate Bill 318) – Cancellation/Termination of Private Mortgage Insurance

RR 1998 – 14: Federal Mutual Savings Association Charter and Bylaws – One Member, One Vote (OTS); Capital Treatment of Servicing Assets (FDIC, OCC, FRB, and OTS); Amendment to Federal Reserve Board Regulation DD (Truth-in-Savings); Deposit Insurance Regulations – Joint Accounts and “Payable-on-Death” Accounts (FDIC); The Year 2000 Date Change Brochure – Spanish Version Available

RR 1998 – 15: Risk-Based Capital Standards: Unrealized Holding Gains on Certain Equity Securities; Proposed Amendments to Management Official Interlocks Rule; Pretext Phone Calling – Special Alert; Internet Listing of Real Estate Appraisers – FFIEC

RR 1998 – 16: Exemptions from the Requirement to Report Transactions in Currency – Amendment to the Bank Secrecy Act Regulations (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network); Electronic Fund Transfers – Federal Reserve Board Regulation E

RR 1998 – 17: Home Mortgage Disclosure – Federal Reserve Board Regulation C; Truth-In-Savings – Federal Reserve Board Regulation DD; Letters of Credit, Suretyship, and Guaranty – Office of Thrift Supervision; Revised Currency Transaction Report (IRS Form 4789); Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator (EDIE)

RR 1998 – 18: Know Your Customer (FDIC, OCC, OTS and Federal Reserve Board)